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Dream Shield is an automotive enhancement brand with private boutique locations nationwide serving the ultra high net worth (UHNW) population; providing premium vehicle armor services to individuals & corporations for any make or model car, truck or SUV.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Dream Shield Rockstar Packages

1. What are the Dream Shield Rockstar Packages?

The Dream Shield Rockstar Packages are meticulously crafted protection solutions designed to provide unparalleled security for urban dwellers. These packages offer comprehensive protection for your vehicle, including body protection and advanced ballistic glass options, tailored to meet different threat levels.

2. How are the Rockstar Packages different from standard vehicle protection?

The Rockstar Packages are engineered to meet the stringent standards set by the National Institute of Justice, providing advanced protection against a range of threats, including road rage shootings, theft, crime, and kidnapping. These packages offer a combination of body protection, glass options, and cabin and engine bay coverage to ensure your safety during critical moments.

3. What protection levels do the Rockstar Packages offer?

The Rockstar Packages come in three protection levels:

  • Silver Rockstar: Offers NIJ Level II protection against 9mm threats.
  • Gold Rockstar: Provides NIJ Level IIIA protection against .357 SIG and .44 Magnum ammunition from longer-barrel handguns.
  • Platinum Rockstar: Offers NIJ Level III protection, capable of withstanding 7.62mm (.308 Winchester) full metal jacket rounds.

4. What are the benefits of upgrading to the Gold or Platinum Rockstar Package?

Upgrading to the Gold or Platinum Rockstar Package enhances your protection against a wider range of threats, including more powerful ammunition. The Gold Package includes NIJ Level IIIA protection, while the Platinum Package offers NIJ Level III protection, providing exceptional defense against various calibers.

5. How does the glass protection work?

The Rockstar Packages offer a variety of advanced glass options to suit your needs. These include:

  • Polycarbonate: Strong and lightweight, providing superior visibility and halting bullets.
  • Glass-Clad Polycarbonate: A hybrid option that combines glass and polycarbonate, offering durability, bullet resistance, and improved visibility.
  • One-Way Bulletproof Resistant Glass: An innovative solution enabling weapon discharge from within the vehicle without shattering the glass.

6. Do the Rockstar Packages include complete cabin and engine bay protection?

Yes, all Rockstar Packages encompass both the cabin and the engine bay, ensuring that vital components of your vehicle are shielded for enhanced safety.

7. Can I customize my protection package?

While the Rockstar Packages are pre-designed with specific protection levels, Dream Shield also offers custom packages tailored to the unique needs of high net worth families with multiple locations and vehicles. These packages are designed to align seamlessly with your lifestyle and security requirements.

8. How do I choose the right package for me?

Selecting the right package depends on your security needs and preferences. The Silver, Gold, and Platinum Rockstar Packages offer different levels of protection against varying threats. Evaluate your specific requirements to determine the most suitable option for your situation.

9. Can I invest in Dream Shield's franchise locations?

Yes, Dream Shield offers an exclusive opportunity for high net worth individuals to invest in their franchise locations, uniting like-minded families in a network of strength, innovation, and growth.

10. How do I get started with securing a Rockstar Package for my vehicle?

To get started or learn more about the Rockstar Packages, including available glass options and protection levels, please contact our dedicated team. We're here to guide you through the process and help you choose the right package to elevate your safety on the road.

    11. How Thick Should a Bulletproof Glass Be?

Short Answer: The thickness of bulletproof glass depends on the intended protection level and usage scenario. It can range from 0.25 inches to 3.5 inches or more, with thicker glass offering increased defense against varying caliber bullets. To determine the appropriate thickness for your specific needs and to learn more about bulletproof glass protection levels, explore our comprehensive blog article.