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Dream Shield is an automotive enhancement brand with private boutique locations nationwide serving the ultra high net worth (UHNW) population; providing premium vehicle armor services to individuals & corporations for any make or model car, truck or SUV.

 Introducing the Dream Shield Rockstar Solution

The Rockstar Solution

Complete Protection for Your Vehicle

The Rockstar Packages consists of two essential components: the Glass Kit and the Interior Cabin Body Kit. This comprehensive offering ensures that your vehicle is safeguarded both in terms of its structural integrity and the integrity of its glass components.


Cabin Body Kit Details



Safeguarding You Against 9mm Threats

As a formidable barrier against 9mm threats, our Silver Rockstar Package ensures your safety on the road. The material we use for vehicle body protection boasts an aerial density of 1.0 pounds per square foot, guaranteeing lightweight yet robust defense.



Comprehensive Handgun Protection

Upgrade to the Gold Rockstar Package for enhanced security against a wider range of threats. With NIJ Level IIIA protection, this package guards against .357 SIG and .44 Magnum ammunition fired from longer-barrel handguns. The vehicle body protection material maintains an aerial density of 1.0 pounds per square foot, ensuring a harmonious blend of safety and convenience.



Unyielding Defense Against Powerful Ammunition

For the pinnacle of protection, the Platinum Rockstar Package offers NIJ Level III coverage. With the ability to withstand 7.62mm (.308 Winchester) full metal jacket rounds, this package guarantees exceptional defense. Notably, at 3.75 Lbs. per square foot, the Platinum Rockstar Package boasts a substantial weight reduction compared to the Tycoon Package's commonly used high-hard steel at 6.4 lbs. per sq.ft. or aluminum alloy at 3.6 lbs. per sq.ft.


Complete Cabin and Engine Bay Protection and Complete Glass Set

All Rockstar Packages Encompass

Every Rockstar Package offers comprehensive protection by encompassing both the cabin and the engine bay. This feature ensures that every vital component of your vehicle is shielded, enhancing your safety during critical moments.


Glass Kit Details



- Thickness and Weight of NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Glass: Thickness 22 MM (7/8″), Weight 46.6 Kg/m2 (8.8 Lbs. Sq. Ft.), Protecting Against 9mm, .357, .44 Magnum Handguns, and Lesser Threats.


- Thickness and Weight of NIJ Level III Ballistic Glass: Thickness 39 MM (1-1/2″), Weight 88 Kg/m2 (18 Lbs. Sq. Ft.), Protecting Against 5.56×45 NATO (SS 109), 7.62×39 MSC, 7.62×51 FMJ, and Lesser Threats.


- Thickness and Weight of NIJ Level III Ballistic Glass: Thickness 42 MM (1-5/8″), Weight 94 Kg/m2 (18.5 Lbs. Sq. Ft.), Protecting Against Multi-Hit 7.62 x 51 FMJ and Lesser Threats.

Glass use Types for Rockstar Packages Only:

Polycarbonate: The heavyweight champion of strength, it provides superior visibility and the ability to halt bullets while being significantly lighter than glass.

Glass-Clad Polycarbonate: A hybrid marvel, it interlaces glass and polycarbonate, marrying durability, bullet resistance, and improved visibility.

One-Way Bulletproof Resistant Glass: This ingenious amalgamation features an outer glass layer and an inner polycarbonate layer, enabling weapon discharge from within the vehicle without shattering the glass.

Empower yourself with Dream Shield's Rockstar Packages, setting a new standard in urban protection. Whether you choose the Silver, Gold, or Platinum option, you're making an investment in your safety, allowing you to confidently face the challenges of today's world.